Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found myself at a lose end today and decided to trawl through the Internet. I have a rare day off and too much time on my hands and not enough money in my pocket. It suddenly struck me - write a blog. I have not done so for a very long time and now seemed the ideal oppertunity. So here goes ...

What has happened to me.

1) My job is going well. I have been therre 18 months now (doesnt time fly) and am still loving it. I have leart many new skills and now feel like a real nurse. whilst my job is very safe (great thing in the current economical climate) I am still unsure where my future will be.

2) Im still single - enough said.

3) Im off on holiday to Australia in October for 3 weeks. Now financially sound and debt free I had some oppertunities for a nice holiday. I met a very nice Australia last year in the summer. He moved back to Oz but we still keep in touch. I told him I had always wanted to visit there and he gave me the inspriation and detemination to make it happen. I saved up the cash (with a mountain of overtime and not going out) and now it is paid for. I also have many months to ssave up cash to have fun with aand buy myself some new clothes.

4) Im debt free (as mentioned above). I had a reasonable amount of savings but a large debt hanging over me like some great albatross. I bit the bullet and it has now gone along with all the bad memories attached to it.

5) I plan to blog a little more now - well atleast twice a month.

Bye for now.


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