Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Leave of Absence

I have not blogged now for a number of months. This is due mostly in part to my new job. It has taken up a huge amount of my time and I have found myself unable to concentrate on much else. It is not that I have not wanted to put my thoughts and whims onto the web but time just seems to have flown by and before I knew when or when it was I found myself in November !

It has not just been about getting up for work each day that has done me in but all the new things that I have had to get used too. My responsibility has increased and it seems that three years at University did little to prepare me for what nursing really was. Also I have has to do so much work for extended roles for my job it often feels like I never left formal education.

But now they are done (for the most part) and I have some time before I can start the next lot (thank God) so I think that I now have the time and the inclination to spend a little more time blogging.

So what have I been up to ? Well work as mentioned but a few more exciting things too. A trip to Amsterdam (to visit the Reluctant Nomad) which was great fun, many alcohol fuelled nights out with friends, my 31st birthday (so much alcohol) and the return of one of my guilty pleasures – Strictly Come Dancing.

So here is more to come …


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