Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jean Galfione

Was bored so thought I would add some pics of one of my favorite athletes Jean Galfione. More to come soon.

The Nigth Shift

I am back doing nights again. It is not that I particularly want too but I have some time off from Uni and I could do with the cash. I have worked on a number of different places and have enjoyed them and cant wait to get paid. The money wont last long though as I have a number of out goings and am skint post Christmas.

1. Bills, bills and more bills.
2. New passport (£66) so I can go on holiday in March.
3. The holiday in March.
4. Suit for my graduation ball.
5. Drinks at the graduation ball.

Despite the money leaving my bank account as quick as it will enter the nights have been good and I have got off my arse and done some work. Also I have slept very well during the day. Well back to work !!!