Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have suddenly realised that I don't seem to have much time for anything recently aprt from work and assignments. This is not fun ! With all the good weather (and not knowing how long it will last) I feel that I should be spending more time relaxing ... but alas I am unable to organise my time in an effective manner.

I decided to look on death clock to see how much time I had left and therefor if it was worth being organised now or leave it for the masses of time I had left. The first go said that I would be dead by early 2010 !!! Shit I thought. Best two out of three as I entered another set of details in. Much better now - Wed 24th Jan 2043. So I still have a little time to play with but have decided to be a little more organised just in case.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Long Trip and the Olde Trip

On Friday Craig made the long trip down from Sherringham to see me in Nottingham. Whilst I had only visited him the weekend before I was looking forward to it very much. I had cleaned the house (to the best of my ability as I am not that way domestically inclined) and stocked up on food (as I had promised to cook dinner and my friends suggested I cook breakfast in bed). He arrived at 19.30 and dinner was ready spot on time as he walked through the door. A nice bottle of South African white to help it along was also ready chilled. Then off to the pub for a few drinks. We both saw friends (Craig used to live in Notts) and we chatted all night about this and that.

Saturday morning and I didn’t quite manage breakfast in bed but I did cook it and we ate watching the TV downstairs. Then it was time to head for The Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Here we met one of my best friends Theresa. More drinks ensued and we all chatted. Craig and Theresa got on very well and we were soon all having a laugh. The fun was suddenly brought to an abrupt end by a policeman. He informed us and a number of other people sitting on the grass next to the pub that we could not sit there (due to a bye-law) and if we did not move we would receive an £80 fine. We drank up and left !

A spot of dinner and tennis on the TV (very good mixed doubles match) and then off to the Lord Roberts to meet Alan and hopefully a friend of mine from Uni. My Uni friend couldn’t make it but Alan was as reliable as ever (when it comes to drinking). The Roberts was very busy to start and we were forced to stand, but it started to empty out and we all sat and chatted until closing. Now it was time for a move to The Forrester’s. More drink followed and as with Theresa, Alan got on very well with Craig and informed me “I had met a very nice bloke” which was high praise indeed from Alan.

No breakfast in bed on Sunday morning but I did do him fried eggs on toast as we watched the men’s tennis final (at last a bloke who likes sport). Soon it was time for him to call a cab and head to the train station for the long trip back. Once again we both cant wait to meet up again but this time we will have to wait 3 weeks ! But it will be Nottingham Pride then so it should be a very good weekend. And to top it all off two of my close friends really liked Craig and he liked them. What more could I ask for ?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sherringham Weekend

The weekend just gone I enjoyed the most fantastic time away in Sherringham on the Norfolk coast. I had gone there to meet Craig (he of the Top Day). Since our first meeting we had kept in touch via text and Email and it became obvious that we both wanted to meet up again so I arranged to get the train down.

We met up in Norwich where he works and after a few drinks caught another train to Sherringham. A few more drinks and a takeaway and it was time to call it an night – the train journey had really taken it out of me. Up early on Saturday and a grand tour of the town. It is all you could want from a picturesque seaside town. Great people, lovely pubs and a great atmosphere (ever if there was a Morris Dancing festival on). Lunch at the pub and then over to Craig’s sisters to watch the football. Wasn’t too fussed about he result as I am not a great footie fan. Back to his for a shower and changer and then hit the town.

Whilst Sherringham is a million miles away from what I normally get in the meat market pubs and clubs of Nottingham I enjoyed it immensely. It was relaxing and I had great company to share the experience with. Another lazy day on Sunday. Another pub lunch and a few more drinks before the train home. It was a bit of a wrench leaving Craig as it seemed that we had had very little time together. The train home was uneventful and I was back to work on Monday.

It was a top weekend, one of the best over the past few months and I hope it to be repeated when Craig comes to visit me this weekend !