Thursday, June 22, 2006

Road Kill !

Last Friday (I know it is now Thursday but I have been busy) me and my friends had a large and stressful practical to complete at University as part of our nursing course (Thanks to all the people who wished me luck). It all went well so once finished we all set off to celebrate at the Rose and Crown on Derby Road. Much beer and food was consumed. It was then decided that as it was such a nice day we all head into town to the beer gardens around the castle. So off we set.

As we got off the bus we all rushed to cross Parliament Street but the lights changed on us. One of the group commented:

“We shouldn’t chance crossing as the traffic is notoriously dangerous here”

To which I commented:

“Look at the pigeons, they have never read the Green Cross Code and they never seem to have a problem with the traffic”

At which point a large truck went past and scattered the birds. Once the truck had gone we noticed that one pigeon would have been better off taking my friends advice as it was now splattered across the road !

A comedic moment and divine justice as I am not a great fan of town pigeons.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Have Never ...

I will list 3 things that I've never done at the bottom of this post. They all begin: "I have never..."

You should copy these instructions and my list to your blog. BUT you should remove the top item and add a new item to the bottom of the list - it should be something that YOU have never done, and it can be about anything you like.

You should also go back over the remaining 2 things I listed and highlight (in bold, a different colour, italics, however you want) the things that are not true for you (ie You have done them).

This way, the list is constantly evolving and changing through every iteration.

You can only repost a list to your blog if none of the previous "I have never..."'s that you have answered are there.

PS - Dont forget to post a comment here if you are playing the game!

Here goes:
I have never used a dildo.
I have never had an orgy.
I have never had sex with a woman.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Never a Cross Word

Over the past year I have become a great fan of cryptic crosswords. I never used to be able to do them but after much time consulting dictionaries, and swearing I came through. Here are a few of some of my recent favorite clues.

Round letter (8)
Re boxing match, perhaps (5)
Does this temp husband have no where to sit ? (8,4)

Answers to come in a few days.

James Dean

James Dean was an icon to millions with his good looks and bad boy image. The motto of “Live fast, die young” attributed to him was certainly when he died in 1955 at the tender age of 24. This motto has always held a sort of attraction for me. Like I have never wanted to be fat I have also never wanted to be old.

I have no-way lived anything close to the devil attitude of Dean but I have done many things in my life that may have resulted in many years being knocked off it. I am now coming up to my 30th birthday and far from it filling me with dread (as I thought it would) I am quite looking forward to it. I feel it will be a new lease of life for me. I will be almost qualified as a nurse and have a whole new chapter in-front of me to live. However, do I still want to get old ?

The population in this country is getting older. People are now living well into their 70s and in many cases their 80s and 90s. But do they have a standard of life that I would want ? Many elderly people that I have come across may have lived much longer than the Biblical “three score years and ten” but have found much of their life past 70 not how they would wish it. Many are debilitated by cardiac, respiratory, and skeletal problems that prevent them from living an independent and fulfilling old age. Do I want this ? I think not. Whilst getting old does not fill me with as much fear as it once did I want to be able to enjoy it and not be confined to my house or a nursing home.

Therefore, I feel motto (in homage to Mr Dean) will be:

“ Live long, die fast”

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top Day

Yesterday was a wonderfully sunny day I was going to meet a very good friend of mine for lunch. I used to work with D in Accident and Emergency and now she works for the Ambulance Service. We have tried several times to meet recently but it had always been cancelled due to various problems. Today was set though. We met at 1pm at the lions in Market Square (not very original I know) and set off to Walkabout. The food was very good and the conversation was excellent. We caught up on each others lives and swapped gossip. A few drinks and it was time to go.

Whilst she had things to do at home we were both having fun and decided to go for a few more drinks at The Lord Roberts. The conversation continued and soon it was early evening. A bloke in the pub just sitting across from us caught my eye and I couldn’t help notice that he seemed interested in me too. But D and I were firmly engrossed in our gossip and I put him out of my mind. By half six it was time for her to go. I walked her to where her boyfriend was picking her up and we said bye. A wonderful evening which we have planned to repeat soon.

I walked back to the Roberts and wondered if the nice bloke would still be there. He was. I chatted to some friends who were sitting at the same table as him and as the left stuck up a conversation with him. He lived near Norwich and was visiting friends. We continued to chat and soon two friends A and J walked in and the chat carried on. A left quite early and J soon after. I was again left with Craig (the blokes name) alone again. A few more drinks should oil the workings. He seemed genuinely interested in me. Result ! By midnight we were walking back to mine and by half past in bed !

A brilliant day topped of with a fabulous evening. He is back down to Nottingham again soon and he wants to meet up. All in all the best day of the year so far.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The fun things you learn.

My recent lectures and placement at University have all been concerned with acute Medicine. That is all the things that happen very suddenly and what you need to know as a nurse in these situations when they arise. One subject that I had never really considered to exist under the term of Acute Medicine is suicide. The subject of suicide is very diverse within the field of nursing but is generally connected to the Mental Health branch. However, individuals that survive will come into A&E which is Acute Medicine. So I sat down for the lecture (it was in-fact yesterday but I have only just got around to writing about it). It was, much to my surprise not as depressing as I first thought as the lecture tried to present the material in a “light-hearted” way. Well as light-hearted as you can be all things considered. By the end of the lecture though I suddenly became aware that I was in one of the highest risk categories for suicide. That being I am a single white male between the age of 18 and 35. I have a high intake of nicotine and alcohol and have what can be considered a stressful job. My work also gives me access to potentially dangerous chemicals and I have the knowledge of how to use them to detrimental effect ! And there was me thinking that smoking would get me first.