Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Great Weekend !

If I manage one good day out of a whole weekend it is pretty good for me. So when the last Bank Holiday weekend came along with its extra day off I was braced for a dire time. But to my amazement I had one of the best long weekends for many a year.

• drink with housemate in the pub (rare occasion as he doesn’t go out too much these days)
• met a few friends
• met some more friends
• finished off at the Irish (sad, but very enjoyable)

• drink with few friends
• learnt something new about computing and Blogs (always like to learn new things)
• built a few bridges with a new friend (I hope)
• danced loads at NG1 (predictable but fun)
• pulled !!!

• finished the crossword in record time
• went out for a quiet drink
• met a few friends
• very good conversation
• danced loads again at NG1
• pulled again !!!

• no hangover and money still left from Saturday night (always happy when I have cash left over)
• met best mate for quiet drink

I am proud to say that it is more often than not the simple pleasures in life that bring me the most fun. A few drinks with good mates, great conversation and the odd man at the end of the night.

Monday, May 22, 2006

G.A.Y at the B.N.P ?

I have always thought that the racist and homophobic policise of the BNP have been driven by fear and hatred rather than any political mandate. And I have always hoped that the laziness of the French voters a few year ago that allowed far Rght politician Le Pen to get some power would never be repeated in this country. Fortunatly that has been true and wins that they have had have been very small. But recently they took an unprecidented 11 seats a council elevetion. The man responsible for this is Richard Barnbrook, but his sucess does not seem to be running too smoothly. It has been brought to light that in 1989 he produced and directed an "erotic gay movie". Not the sort of thing that your normal gay hater does. It features a number of men, some dressed as sailors, groping, fondeling and stripping each other. Mr Barnbrook described HMS Discovery: A Love Story as being "about sexuality and not homosexuality". Strange, I thought as I read this comment - I have awalys found sex with men a very sexual experience. Nick Griffin (leader of the BNP) says he was made aware of the film some years ago by Mr Barnbrook and after watching two-thirds of it described it as "arty rubbish ... but not porn". Maybe all the porn was in the third he failed to watch ? It seems that BNP is being un-done by one of the things it hates the most.

Bloody Weather

What the hell is going on with the weather ? Sunny, bit cold, hot and then pissing down all within the space of a few minutes ! Well not that quickly but it is starting to feel that way. Can't we just settle on one weather condition (hot) and stay that way for the duration of the summer ?

Friday, May 12, 2006

National Nurse's Day

Today is National Nurse's day. A time to pay homage to the hard working men and women who work tirelessly to patch up all your ills. I am very tired of nurses and the NHS in general getting a bad press. The media never tell of the hard work put in on a daily basis by all the staff and what they have to put up with. So today at least, say thanks to a nurse. The next time you have cause to see a nurse be polite, say please and thank-you and smile. It makes all the difference to us and is a small price to pay for excellent service.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stress Buster

i have been very stressed recently with work and tried to think of ways of beating it. I tried the old favorites, beer and random sex with strangers. Both only turned out to be short time answers and the stress was soon back. I needed something big to beat this. Bubble Wrap ! It had always been fun when I ws younger and somehow popping all those bulbbles got rid of stress within a few seconds. But where to get it now ? The my friend gave me the answer - Virtual Bubble Wrap. Now I can pop away on line whenever thing get too stressful. have fun popping and beat the stress.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Night Owl

I have just finished a weekend of nights at work and have now returned to day shifts. The swap in body clock from day to night back to day in a short space of time has somewhat thrown me and I am still a little dazed and confused (much like normal but without the alcohol). I hope to regain normal function soon and then get back to putting on a Blog or two.